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Testfitting a Kansai Service intake

As you might know I love hunting parts in the land of the rising sun. Not long ago I stumbled upon a beautiful carbon air intake system build by Kansai Service from Japan. It’s just the airbox, so I have to buy a filter and everything else myself.

Why a new setup?

I’m very happy with (and proud of) my self-build setup as it is closed so it’s not loud, it sucks cold air only that is not heated up by the manifold or engine and it looks great! Oh, and it’s a dry filter something I really wanted to avoid MAF sensor issues. So why change than? I actually got only 1 reasons for it: maintenance. The current cone filter cannot be replaced, so I have to buy a complete airbox again which is not very cost effective.

And in all honesty, I don’t know who build the filter so this problem is solved with the Kansai airbox. The fact that I’m switching from a no-brand solution to something JDM has nothing to do with it at all of course… ?

The test fit

For me it was a nice reminder why I buy parts from renowned Japanese brands, everything fits perfectly, using mounting points from the engine and OEM filter. I think Kansai Service intended this airbox to be used with the HKS Racing Suction intake kit that is available for the Swift. Since I just need some silicone hoses I’ll go for a universal dry mushroom filter by either HKS or Greddy. More cost effective and it remains a self assembled kit. ? Below is a video of the testfit, which is without the sexy top lid btw.

What intakes are you guys running? Let me know in the comments below!

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