Review: AliExpress shift knob

Regular readers know that I have been looking around for a new shift knob. My duracon Okuyama Carbing knob is very nice, but being 200 grams lighter than stock, it’s not ideal for the short shifter it sits on. A weighted knob would be the best solution but I decided to give the budget route a try and bought a knob from AliExpress. I went for a red carbon sphere; matching the recently fitted Recaro’s while still being a less obvious choice than a bubble knob (right?). So is a (budget) shift knob from AliExpress a good idea?

The pro’s
At €12,- shipped it’s definitely a price friendly choice, and with around 140 grams it’s not weighted, but a lot heavier than my current knob so a step in the right direction. I actually really like the looks with the black bottom piece. Also the size (around 50mm) is comfortable in hand. It was shipped in a nice box with foam filling which was a surprise at this price tag. The box also included 3 thread adapters; m8x1.5, m10x1.5 & m10x1.25.

The con’s
Nice box or not, the sphere came in with multiple scuffs on the surface; probably from rough handeling in the factory. I ordered an oil cap from AliExpress before which also was damaged while being packed safely. Always something to complain at any price-tag I guess… The biggest downside is the quality of the thread adapters. After the first mount it already started falling apart. While driving the adapter started to wear down even further and the knob started to move. So it’s simply not safe to use this shift knob with the provided adapters.

The verdict
For the price its a decent product. It looks good, and the finishing is nice. It’s a shame it came in with scratches but with some polishing I think I can buff out most of it. If the knob matches the thread on your shifter thread, go for it. It’s a price friendly option to add a personal touch to your vehicle.

If you need a thread adapter; don’t use the ones supplied. You have to buy one separately of better quality to keep things safe. I went for an adapter that has a little lip at the bottom. With my choice of gear knob this lip shows at the bottom which I don’t really like, but safety comes first. It’s way stronger than the provided adapters and actually holds up well. See the photo’s below for the adapter and how it looks on the knob.

So would you go for a shift knob from AliExpress? Drop a comment below!





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