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Dasaita Android head unit

Dasaita 10.2" Android head unit

In the past I have upgraded my black OEM radio to an original Swift Sport radio. I found that the silver layout matched better with the sport interior with silver accents. The truth is that I never had the guts to buy an aftermarket unit / radio. Especially something with a big screen. I just can’t handle the thought of finding my car with a broken window and empty space in the central dashboard. Now that my Swift is no longer my daily driven car, I can avoid parking in shady backstreets. Also, the way an Android operated radio is customisable makes it a very tempting upgrade. Photo of the OEM silver Suzuki Swift Sport radio

So I went for a Dasaita Android head unit that has the Android 8 operating system installed. One o the biggest advantages of an Android operated radio is the option to install third party apps. As is comes with a GPS unit it there are many navigation applications to choose from. Also it should have better sound quality than the OEM unit, which is a common complaint amongst Swifters that care about sound quality. What I also really like about this radio is its looks. It comes in a pretty curvy frame that is one piece with the center vents. The 10.2″ removed the need for any physical buttons and gives the interior a clean but up-to-date look.

Below a video of unboxing the Dasaita Android head unit showing all accessoires it came with like an antenna, GPS unit and multiple USB ports to connect your own hardware. Out of the box it is already very easy to connect the radio with an amplifier, camera’s and more. I will share my experiences on the installation, usability and sound quality later on.

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