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Adjustable Suzuki Swift armrest

cheap suzuki swift armrest

If you own a Suzuki Swift you might be familiar with an interior that is not the most luxurious. In fact, apart from Lexus, most Japanese cars have a focus other then extreme comfort and luxury. Although the Suzuki Swift (2005 – 2010) had some interesting quirks like keyless entry, it never came equipped with an armrest by default. This is a shame as an armrest can be very nice during longer trips, especially on long straight roads like highways. The good news is that although the factory never offered an armrest, many suppliers of aftermarket parts do offer a solution for your needs.

My ideal armrest

In my hunt for a center armrest to my like I had 3 specific wishes. First, it shouldn’t be too high. The reason is that my seats are lower than stock as my Recaro’s are on extra low seat rails. Second; it shouldn’t be too wide. This is because the seats are pretty close to each other, and you don’t want the armrest to block movement of the seats. You also don’t want to damage the side bolsters when moving your seats forward or backwards. The last wish was that it had to be an armrest that folds away. In the past I tried an armrest which was ‘fixed’, which made operating the handbrake a pain. That’s why I quickly returned my purchase back then. This time a foldable solution was mandatory to avoid annoying handbrake situations.

Unboxing the adjustable armrest of choice

Most armrest sellers are very poor in describing the dimensions of the products. In the video below you can see the unboxing of the armrest I chose. I opted for this one as it was the lowest I could find. It also doesn’t look too wide and is foldable. Oh, and it was really cheap too! I paid €40,- / $45,- shipped. I bought it at a Dutch webshop but it’s also available with a (fake) leather top on eBay. Overall I’m not at all disappointed with this product, especially at this price point. It matches the Swifts interior being plasticky (is that a word?). But it also feels solid and strong, doesn’t feel wobbly or squeaky when moving up & down. The video below also explains some installation tips. I’ll share a new post once the armrest is installed.

Do you have an armrest installed in your Suzuki Swift? Let us know which one you have and why in the comments below!

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