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Unboxing an OEM center console trim

Silver airco decoration

A Suzuki Swift from the 2005 to 2010 generation has a nice but modest interior. There are many ‘universal’ products available to add some ‘punch’ to your interior. But if you don’t want your interior looking like a Christmas tree, you need to consider your options more carefully. A safer way to look for ‘quality’ upgrades is exploring the options that buyers had from the dealership. When looking for OEM extra’s, you can be certain of a good fit and it will guarantee a certain quality standard. In this post I will be unboxing an OEM center console trim.

Upgrading the center dashboard

So most Swift’s from 2005 – 2010 have the same interior more-or-less. Changing the head unit for a big-screen Android radio changes the interior a lot already. Below the radio, you have the airconditioning unit. Most 1.6 Sport models have the nice digital one, but most non-sports have the mechanical unit with manual switches. Although it may sound like a small difference, the manual airconditioning unit makes the car feel (out)dated a lot more. In my research to exchange the two I never managed to find a way to upgrade the manual to digital (If there is a way to do so please leave a comment or use the contact page to let me know). After installing an Android radio, I wanted to make the center console a little nicer all together.

Center dashboard photo with Android screen

Suzuki Swift interior with Android touch screen

The OEM center console trim

Some Swifts were equipped with some sort of silver surround around the switches, and after a long search it turned out to be an OEM option. It is part of an 2-piece center console kit, to decorate two parts of the center dashboard with a silver cover. The silver colour matches some other interior elements like the door strips, steering wheel accents and gear shift surround. The top part covers the center vents above the stock radio, the lower part fits over the manual airco panel. Although it definitely matches nicely with some other elements, the radio part that stays black feels a bit odd in the brochure picture (below).

Swift interior with silver center console decoration

Suzuki Swift with aluminium look center console decoration

The top part of the OEM center console trim kit will not the big android touchscreens with integrated vent surround. The curvy top won’t allow this part to fit, so keep that in mind. The parts are very thin, which is no problem when sticking it on with the tape on the backside though. Below a video of the unboxing to get a better look at the pieces. I have entered the part number at the bottom of this page.  If you’re lucky you might be able to  find a set for yourself.

Part number:

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