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A titanium bonnet strut

Picture of a titanium bonnet strut

Here at Swift Tribe we love everything related to the modifying of Suzuki Swifts. In most parts of the world, and especially Europe, there is not a lot of aftermarket parts available for the 2005 to 2010 generation. In Japan however things are different. If you put in that little extra effort when searching for parts, there is actually a lot to discover. Especially when hunting in the land of the rising sun. So on a recent part hunt we stumbled upon something we have never seen before…

What we found was a titanium bonnet holder or bonnet strut to hold up your bonnet. The titanium bonnet strut is torched, which gives it these beautiful orange to blue & purple colours. This part is handmade by a Japanese craftsman that only makes titanium bonnet struts. And does so for a variety of Japanese vehicles. As far as we know, he does not have a shop, but sells it on Japanese marketplaces only. We have quite a good understanding of what is made for the Suzuki Swift, and finding something new like this excites us. So we purchased it instantly and had it shipped to Europe.

So why would I want a titanium bonnet strut?

Here is a short list of reasons we can think of:

  • It’s lightweight! And every gram counts right?
  • It’s stronger than metal
  • If you have a carbon or fibreglass bonnet, hydraulic bonnet struts may be too strong. This would be perfect though.
  • It is handcrafted, which you don’t see a lot anymore .
  • Because you don’t like stock parts 😉
  • You want to build a show worthy engine bay
  • It just looks A M A Z I N G !

If you’re not impressed that’s fine, each to their own right? This part will not gain you any power, or save enough weight to make a difference. It also cost a fortune to import. But if you like modifying like us, and want something special that you don’t see everyday, this might be something to add to the modification list. Also, we really like the idea of supporting a craftsman that is taking the time out to create something for our beloved Suzuki Swift. Not too many bother to do so. And it really is something to look at when opening your hood.

Unboxing & installation video

Below you can view an unboxing video with instructions on how to mount it in the engine bay. As with most Japanese parts, you will see the fit is part is also perfect. It fits right into all the original mounting points without any modifications needed. You will also learn about the huge weight reduction you will achieve when replacing the OEM steel bonnet strut for a titanium one ?.

Would you buy a titanium bonnet strut?

We imported this part from Japan, and would like to know if you would be interesting in buying this for your Swift too. If the interest is there, we will try to offer it to our Swift Tribe readers. Please let us know by voting below:

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