Turning off the airbag warning light

The main reason for the first box of new parts this year were the airbag light cancellers. The downside of mounting two beautiful Recaro’s (sorry for not posting about the install yet) is losing the OEM side airbags. The car will detect that the resistance of the cable is not the value it should be and triggers an error code. This error code results in the airbag light on your dashboard to stay on after starting the car. Where I’m from this error and light are reason to fail your car at the yearly inspection so a solution is needed to resolve both.

One could just remove the airbag light from your dashboard, or put a sticker over it. This however will not remove the error code. I googled around for different solutions and found that R’s Racing Service had a great out-of-the-box solution; a little resistor on the male part of the airbag connector. It’s basically the airbag connector with a resistor soldered into it, making the system ‘think’ the airbag is connected which results in removing the error code at startup of the car, and turning the airbag light off.

I’ve considered making these resistors myself. You would need to source the proper connector and soldered a resistance onto it. A local company that specializes in delivering these connectors charged me so much for these that I decided to order them from Japan.

Installing is as easy as it gets; just clip the resistor in and the airbag light is off at the next startup of the car. Yippi Ya Yay!

Part numbers

R's Airbag Canceller installed




    Thanks man’ have same issue will try and let you know it has worked for me’

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