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Review: Race-Trim wide angle panel mirror

So I’ve been interested in a 5-panel wide angle mirror (or wink mirror) for a while because in all honesty, I like the strangeness of it. So I bit the bullit and installed one recently. There are many mixed reviews on these online, i’ll summarise my opinion and some steps on how I installed it.

Is it easy to install?

Yes… unless your picky like me! When installing aftermarket parts on my car I want things to look properly mounted, well aligned, etc. Badly installed stuff really puts me off so I took some extra effort in making this work. Sure, you can have it hanging in your car within 30 minutes, but I didn’t like the alignment of the mirror with the provided brackets and how these brackets looked so I ordered my own.

The easy way of installing

Some people remove their visors when installing a wink mirror which makes sense, the visors become unusable. I really don’t like how (empty) that looks so kept them in. Tall guys in Swift often experience the hassle of looking at traffic lights above the road (you know, that head-over-the-steering-wheel pose). So I installed this mirror as close to the ceiling as possible. I used own brackets which are fitted below the mounting points of the visors, looks a lot more tidy IMO.

I also ordered an external louvre Iike metal shell to make the mirror look a little more sophisticated, I experimented with a JDM-y design, but didn’t like it in the end so sprayed it matte black afterwards. Simple & mean!

Not really feeling the Japanse flag design…

So painted it matte black

So do you like the mirror?

I like it for two simple reasons:

  1. It shows a lot more than your default mirror
  2. It looks badass from the outside (and inside too)

Many people complain about being blinded at night, but as this is not my daily car anymore and because it’s light until 22:30PM here I havent really had a change to see how it is with all these badly installed aftermarket xenon kits behind me ?. For now its all good, but keep in mind it does put a lot more moving parts in your eyesight as you see everything thats going on behind you. So I can imagine this mirror is the worst nightmare of anybody with the slightest form of anxiety while driving.

UPDATE: read my review of this mirror at night here?

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  1. Jess

    Where can I order the louvered cover

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