Surprising dyno result!

Having done some mild changes to increase performance I was curious how much power the Swift actually gained (or lost). So took it for my first ever dyno run. Modifications that might have influenced the result are:

I never realised manufacturers state hp numbers at the crank, not the wheels. Which means that with drivetrain loss the 1.5 Swift should have below 102hp on the wheels in stock form. On the other hand I know Suzuki tends to understate the power numbers as multiple people have measured on the new zc33s.

Any result above 100hp at the wheels would have pleased me. But I was surprised… by a 117.5hp measurement at the wheels! It was a pleasant surprise to me, and I’m super happy with that number since I haven’t even remapped the car since the engine and exhaust updates were installed. It definitely is tempting to now quickly install that lightweight waterpump pulley I still have lying around. And maybe do some other tweaks to get that number up a little more. Below a video of the full dyno run, enjoy!



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    Thanks George. You have a great looking Swift yourself. Looks very well taken care of!

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