Want to see a flying Suzuki Swift?

Suzuki Swift flies over roundabout

Want to see a flying Suzuki Swift? I never knew it would be possible but just have a look at the video below. I do not know what the driver was thinking here, but obviously he was not paying any attention to the road ahead. The result? A flying Suzuki Swift!

On the 12th of april 2020 a Suzuki Swift incident happened in Rąbień, Poland ( Europe). A grey 5-door, zc72s or zc82s on steelies to be exact. The news article reporting the accident said a 41-year old man flew over the roundabout, snapping a tree at 7 meters high (!!!) before landing in a fence near a church. Firemen saved the driver from his vehicle and transported him to the hospital.

So as it seems the driver survived. Looking at the video that is nothing short of a miracle in my opinion. Look at the impact at the roundabout. And if this Swift reached a height of 7 meters the impact must have been immense on landing too. It is amazing to see this type of video content, but I don’t want to see a flying Suzuki Swift any time soon. Drive safe everyone and wear a seatbelt!

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