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Upcoming bodykit for the zc33s

Result Japan bodykit for zc33s

Result Japan is a Japanese body part tuner mainly manufacturing parts for the Honda S660, Suzuki Jimny, Toyota Supra and latest Suzuki Swift Sport (zc33s). In the current offering of Result Japan are multiple body parts for the zc33s like bumper lips, rear bumpers, side skirts, a carbon hood and rear spoilers. But although Result Japan has developed multiple aero-arts for the latest Swift Sport before, they now seem to be working on a new upcoming bodykit for the zc33s.

A new front bumper

Their instagram account however is showing some teaser images of a new front bumper for the zc33s. The first teaser image of a new project they started working on came in late 2021, showing a 3D render of a very sharp edged front bumper for the new Swift Sport, which reminds a bit of the 2020 GT-R. 

Just 2 months later we can already see a sample bumper being test-fitted to an actual car. If you look closely you can see the vertical welds, and also the grill part and fog light holes are not open yet. It looks like this bumper will make it a very aggressive front though.

A new rear bumper

Just 4 days after the test fitted front bumper was shared with the world, another digital render was shared. The skirts, roof- and lower window spoiler on the 3D picture below are already for sale on the Result Japan website. But the rear bumper is the obvious new part. It features the same aggressive style as the front bumper, with a lot of sharp lining throughout. So with a new front & rear bumper, it’s safe to assume they are working on a new upcoming  bodykit for the zc33s.

3D render of rear bumper

In mid February a first test version of the rear bumper was shared with the world. It looks in similar state as the front bumper was in January. Not all holes are opened yet and the fit at the trunk is not perfect yet. The bumper shows multiple vertical welding lines, especially visible below the taillights. Again, the sharp lining makes his a very aggressive look that matches the front.

rear bumper in development mounted to a swift

Latest news

On march 26 2022 a new update was shared about the front bumper in development. The front bumper has improved a lot and now looks smooth as can be. The grille, fog lights and vents left and right from the license plate are all opened now. It also seem to fit a lot better to the bonnet than the first test version.  With the mesh fitted we really like the look of this kit, very GT-R like.

We will keep you updated about the further development of this new kit. Let us know what you think about this look in the comments below!

Front bumper final


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