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Swift Sport intake manifold and throttle body

New part alert! The current power output shown earlier this year at a dyno session has been very motivating. You can read the blog article about that here or checkout the video of the full dyno run on YouTube. So I looked around for ways to get more power from the engine. Investing in a supercharger or turbo kit will add a lot of power. But for now I am looking for cheaper ways to add some horses. Therefor I ended up with a Swift Sport intake manifold and throttle body. So things will stay N/A or naturally aspirated for now.

I’ve read about non-sport swifts changing their plastic intake to the aluminium Swift Sport intake, which should improve the airflow. Since the Swift Sport also got a bigger throttle body (55mm instead of 45mm) I decided to pickup one of these too. My 1.5 Swift is from 2008 and is a facelift model. This comes with an electronic throttle body instead of a mechanical, cable driven throttle body. So for me the electronic throttle body should have a plug & play fit. You can see the connector at the black bottom of the throttle body on the photo above, keep in mind that pre-facelift non-sport Swifts have a cable operated throttle body.

What’s next

I’ll have to source the right gaskets for both parts before being able to install it. I hope to do so somewhere soon. Once the intake manifold and throttle body are installed I will go back to the same place to get the car on the dyno again. Obviously I will share my findings once these parts are installed, and what it did for the driving experience. Dyno results will be share too. What do you guys think it will do to the power output?

Suzuki Swift aluminium intake manifold

Suzuki Swift Sport electronic throttle body


  1. Lorenzo Roelofs

    Hey! Dus een 1.6 swift sport intake manifold met throtlebody past dus ook op die van de 1.5?? 2005-2010? ik heb 1.5 uit 2009.

    • Comment by post author


      Hi Lorenzo! Ik ga er van uit van wel maar weet het pas zeker als ik beide gemonteerd heb. Zal ergens in feb worden waarschijnlijk, maar ga het resultaat zeker delen hier.

  2. Lorenzo Roelofs


    is het nog gelukt? ik ben namelijk heel er benieuwd!
    Gr lorenzo

    • Comment by post author


      Hi Lorenzo! Leuk dat je weer terug bent! Helaas heb ik m nog steeds in de schuur liggen. Ik neem contact met je op als ik weet of het gaat passen goed? Maar het zou nog wel even kunnen duren…

  3. Lorenzo Roelofs

    Jammer om te horen! ben er wel benieuwd naar!

  4. Lorenzo Roelofs


    Ik was benieuwd of dit nog gelukt was?

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